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Covert Surveillance

Surveillance is required for an extensive range of matters and using the latest technologies, we observe the movements of individuals and gather both video and photographic evidence. Once we have gathered all the required evidence, we supply you with a detailed report together with the evidence in the format that you require.

We undertake most forms of surveillance work from insurance fraud to matrimonial enquires, and all work is carried out with the utmost discretion. We are always mindful of working to realistic budgets and we will advise on the cost effectiveness of any operation.

Personal Injury Investigation 

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that we are living in a compensation culture.  Amongst the many genuine claimants for personal injury compensation, resulting from an incident at work, motor accidents, or even a simple trip on an uneven pavement, there is an ever increasing number of those who grossly exaggerate the effects of the injury on their daily lives.  More seriously, there are those who actually invent an alleged accident and thereby falsely and fraudulently making a claim that could run into many thousands of pounds.

To combat this, we can provide the client with evidence to disprove these allegations either totally, or sufficiently enough to be able to reduce any claim to a more reasonable level. This is generally done by way of covert surveillance, using high tech equipment to record the movements and activities of those under suspicion. All findings will be submitted in a full report, alongside video evidence, in a format of your choice.







Employee Indiscretions   

The majority of absenteeism is genuine. However, aunauthorised 'long weekends' and 'extended sick leave' is inclined to spiral out of control, leaving a company to cover these unecessary costs.

If there is a chance that your employee may be carrying out work elsewhere, undertaking a spot of DIY, or even operating their own business (at your expense), then we can provide you with the relevant video evidence to support your disciplinary procedures, Court Hearing or Industrial Tribunal. We are also able to provide the same evidence for other employee indiscretions - using company vehicles for private use, carrying out personal business during working hours etc.


Process Serving

We are able to provide a quick, discreet and efficient service to the Legal Profession. All Petitions, Demands, Injunctions etc, will be served in a professional manner, supported by either Affidavit or Statement of Service.

All instructions will be honoured at a time specified by yourselves, and can be carried out on a national basis.


Domestic & Matrimonial Issues

If you suspect for any reason that your partner is being dishonest / unfaithful, your mind is no doubt awash with "who, when, where, why" questions?   Using covert video, vehicle tracking etc, we are able to provide the evidence to prove or disprove your concerns.  

We appreciate that these matters can be difficult to discuss, but you can be assured that they will be handled in a discreet and compasssionate manner.


Property Verification / Neighbourhood Check

If you are about to make one of the biggest decisions of your life, it is advisable to invest in a service that may save you years of regret.

Our discreet location search will provide details regarding the quality of the local schools and infrastructure. It will highlight, amongst other things, whether there are any ongoing neighbourhood disputes, nuisance nightspots, troublesome youths, and even parking issues.